NEW 2017 - Precision Fusion Nueno


NEW 2017 - Precision Fusion Nueno

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The Precision Fusion Nueno Match Ball is of a FIFA Quality Pro standard, which means the ball has passed strict tests and is a top end match ball, fit for any level of the game. The ball is made with Fusion technology to improve performance and durability. Fusion helps the balls keep their shape for longer and the air inside the ball remains for a longer period, while the Fusion Seam design prevents the ball from absorbing water and maintains it's quality for a long time. All this combined creates a high level of consistency year round.

The ball is made of a 32 panel machine stitched design with edge glue and anli 1.20 Quick Silver PU outer with Mars embossing for a better performance. The polyester thread bonded 25% butyl bladder is designed to hold air inside for longer and help the ball maintain a level of consistency throughout games.


  • Made for the highest level; FIFA Quality Pro match ball
  • Features Fusion technology helps the ball keep it's shape, retains air for longer and reduces water absorption
  • Designed with 32 panel match stitched design with edge glue
  • Durable enough for grass, astro and snow
  • Polyester thread bonded 25% butyl bladder keep air inside for longer
  • High rebound 2mm EVA plus polyester and 4mm EVA foam linings improves performance
  • Weight: 400-440gms



Available in size4 and 5

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