Mitre Promax Hyperseam


Mitre Promax Hyperseam

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The new Mitre Promax Hyperseam football is an upgrade to one of Mitre's most popular footballs.Re-engineered with Hyperseam technology, the Promax is a FIFA Quality Pro match football which is perfect for match play at any level.

Hyperseam is a new way of constructing balls from Mitre which vastly improves performance and increases durability. The balls are first stitched together as perviously, before being bonded together to reduce and seal all seams.

This means huge improvements in reliability and shape, air retention and water resistance.

The surface of the Promax is made from an Eco freindly PU which is highly durable for Astro and Grass use and uses a 12 panel design to ensure the truest flight. It is also now foam backed for improved feel and more control.

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