NEW 2017 - Precision Fusion Rotario


NEW 2017 - Precision Fusion Rotario

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The Precision Fusion Rotario Match Ball is a FIFA Quality ball due to the high performing Fusion technology used to create a durable football that offers players a new found level of consistency throughout the season. The Fusion helps the ball maintain the spherical shape and keeps the ball inflated for longer with a thread bonded butyl bladder. A Fusion Seam design reduces water absorption to ensure he ball lasts a longer time and maintains integrity.

  • Made with a FIFA Quality design
  • Features Fusion technology for shape and air retention, lower water absorption and consistency
  • Designed with 32 panel machine stitch with edge glue
  • Durable enough for grass, astro and snow
  • Weight: 400-440gms

Available in size4 and 5

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